Operations Readiness & Support.

Engineers onsite

When you need seamless transition from project conception to the operating environment, we always deliver.

Our highly-experienced and multi-disciplined team of engineers understand the importance of your assets remaining fully operational.

Working closely in partnership with you, we can tailor a cost-efficient support solution to guarantee your infrastructure never lets you down.

Asset Management. Planned, Preventive and Predictive Maintenance. Shutdowns & more. The easy way to eradicate downtime and improve productivity.

Data-driven Engineering Solutions

Prioritise risk management and minimise the impact of operational downtime with expert engineering solutions and integrity management.

Whether you operate regionally, nationally or globally, our mobile team is able to deliver world-class operations readiness support across a wide range of sectors – including Renewable Energy, Power Generation, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Infrastructure, Process and Construction.

And we always put data-driven solutions at the heart of everything we do – from plant improvement projects to extending the life of important assets.

Our Core Operations, Readiness & Support Services

We ensure you always operate at maximum efficiency by adopting the latest technology and using industry-leading best practices to improve your infrastructure.

Prevent costly failures and always be 100 per cent safety compliant. Minimise the risk of accidents or hazardous incidents.

  • Robust process
  • Right-sized for specific projects
  • Operations Support & Optimisation
  • Agree/ approve by end user (operator)
  • Develop operations readiness plan
  • On site review
  • Remote evidence review to meet requirements
  • Support action close out
  • Entity readiness (Brownfield projects)
  • Maintenance management support
  • TAR support
  • Define requirements for project start-up
  • Performance Improvement
  • Operations Coaches and Training
Engineers onsite

Our Key Principles

Flexible & Tailored Support

We work in partnership with our clients to offer as much or as little hands-on assistance as each project requires.

Fundamental Sector Experience

We have extensive experience in Oil & Gas, Chemical, Process, Petrochemicals, Pharmaceuticals and Renewables.

3D Laser Scanning & Models

Using cutting-edge laser scanning technology, we can create an accurate 3D model of your site to see the improvements our design solutions provide.

Comprehensive Project Knowledge

Our expertise allows us to assist with streamlining operations, improving efficiency and improving internal processes.

Cyber Essentials